Sharon Stone rekindles Basic Instinct Pose in Gods Behaving Badly

Now and then: Sharon Stone teases everyone again, by recreating the iconic Basic Instinct pose, while one set of her new movie Gods Behaving Badly.

Hollywood star Sharon Stone recaptured the iconic pose of Basic Instinct movie, while shooting a scene for her latest film Gods Behaving Badly. Not only has she replicated the sexy scene but she also managed to look just as ravishing.

Sat in a chair in a silky grey minidress and with her hair pinned back, goddess Sharon Stone teasingly edged her legs open.

In Basic Instinct, which also starred Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone plays wealthy writer Catherine Tramell. At one point, she is interrogated by a panel of male police officers and when she uncrosses her legs a brief close-up shows she is not wearing underwear.

In her latest project, Gods Behaving Badly, Sharon Stone plays goddess of love and beauty-Aphrodite. The Basic Instinct star will intervene in her main field-love.

Oscar-winner Christopher Walken plays Zeus and Alicia Silverstone stars as ordinary mortal Kate.

The film tells the story of the Greek gods living in modern day New York City, and their intervention into the lives of a young couple. Gods Behaving Badly, featuring Sharon Stone, will hit the theatres next year.

Gods Behaving Badly co-stars Alicia Silverstone and Sharon Stone take short on-set break.

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